Honduras: Strike continues for thousands of Chiquita workers

February 13 , 2018

A strike by Chiquita workers in Honduras over alleged changes to the company’s health benefits is still ongoing, despite reports two weeks ago that an agreement had nearly been reached.

Website El Nuevo Diario reported that 2,800 workers reached day 45 of their strike on the weekend, having begun in late December.

The situation has resulted in banana exports being US$30 million lower than expected, according to National Banana Producers’ Association (Aprobana) president Héctor Castro.

The protest includes 10 plantations in the areas of Cortés and Yoro, where the tropical fruit is grown over 13,500 hectares an exported predominantly to the U.S.

The workers have reportedly received medical assistance in the La Lima municipal hospital, which was close to the banana farms. But they said that under the changes they would have to be seen at the San Pedro Sula hospital which is further away and has a lower quality of service.

Despite the mediation of Work Minister Carlos Madero, the parties have still not been able to come to an agreement over the issue, the story reported.

Banana exports from Honduras reportedly generate around US$500 million per year.

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