Phytelligence deal with Mahyco will bring new fruit tech to India -

Phytelligence deal with Mahyco will bring new fruit tech to India

Seattle-headquartered horticultural technology company Phytelligence has inked a deal with an Indian company that will support fruit and nut growers with a trademarked high density planting system, modern rootstocks and varieties. 

Through an agreement with Mahyco Grow, the plants produced by its subsidiary Seven Star Fruits will harness Phytelligence's MultiPHY process to support higher yields per acre and what it claims to be more sustainable production

The partnership aims to help growers plant modern rootstocks and varieties, including in apples cherries, peaches, plums, berries, grapes, nuts, oranges and other tropical fruits.

Phytelligence expects the agreement will help improve farm incomes and increase fruit quality for Mahyco Grow's existing customers and the Maharashtra region's farmers. 

The first trees of the partnership will be available for sale in 2018 and delivered in the spring of 2019.

"Collaborating with a group as innovative as Mahyco Grow presents a strong step forward for Phytelligence internationally," said Phytelligence CEO Ken Hunt.

"It's a major win not only for the company, but also for growers in the region who can look forward to improved plant material and a much higher profit in the coming years. Our mission is to serve growers across the globe and this partnership takes us one step closer to fulfilling that promise."

Seven Star Fruits director Aashish Barwale said combining the expertise of both companies will have a significant impact on farmers’ lives by improving yields and providing disease resistant plants.

"As a leading group in the agriculture field, we've experienced first-hand how innovations in agronomy make a very real difference to the people within our own communities," Barwale said.

"We look forward to making an impact in the fruit industry in India together."

Mahyco Grow, formerly known as Barwale Group, was founded in 1964 by World Food Prize winner Dr. Badrinarayan Barwale with a vision to resolve farming challenges by expanding the availability of the latest scientific solutions in seeds.

The group has pioneered seed innovations in India with the introduction of several hybrids and Bt Cotton – the first in the country’s history. The Group’s research infrastructure in India has recently expanded its presence to South East Asia and Africa. 

Phytelligence was founded in 2012 by Dr. Amit Dhingra, Associate Professor of Horticulture Genomics and Biotechnology Research at Washington State University. Phytelligence is headquartered in Seattle with facilities in Burien and Pullman, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Currently, Phytelligence has more than 100 employees and continues to grow. The company's aim is to provide additional value to growers and plant breeders through the application of advanced genetics enabling the delivery of accurate plants, disease screening, plant repository services, securing of intellectual property, and the ability to co-develop new varieties of food crops.

In addition, Phytelligence has a growing pipeline of biological and compound solutions aimed at improving returns throughout the food crop value chain.