U.S.: Savor Fresh Farms announces Kiss melon brand expansion

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U.S.: Savor Fresh Farms announces Kiss melon brand expansion

Arizona-based Savor Fresh Farms has announced the expansion of its Kiss melon program for the 2018 season. 

The expansion includes the introduction of the new 'Snow Kiss' melon, organic Kiss melon production and increased acres of the popular Sugar Kiss melon.

Savor Fresh Farms trialed hundreds of seed varieties from all over the world, testing in different soil and growing conditions in the search for a new variety of Kiss melon, and in 2018 this has led to 'Snow Kiss'. 

Snow Kiss has its own unique texture and flavor, as well as a stunning appearance, with a white exterior and white flesh.

"We found Snow Kiss' flavor to be sweet, but not overpowering. Texture at first bite is semi-crisp with a subtle crunch, but the melon soon dissolves on the palate, providing a delectable eating experience," said Savor Fresh Farms president Milas Russell III.

Russell also spoke about a foray into organic production.

"We've had many customer requests for organic Kiss melons, but we wanted to make sure all the right components were in place before we added organics to our line. There is no substitute for flavor and that doesn't change with organics. When consumers are paying an elevated price for organic produce, they should get the best flavor," Russell said.

With consumer feedback driving its growing program, Savor Fresh Farms decided to increase acreage of Sugar Kiss in 2018 to meet the consumer demand.

"Consumer demand for unique flavor experiences is driving growth in many produce categories and with the Kiss melon line we are striving to add depth to our customer's melon categories," said retail program director Patrinka Crammond.

Savor Fresh Farms production will begin from the first week of May and harvest through late October domestically, transitioning production to Australia for the winter months.


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