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Midwest-developed EverCrisp apples now available

The Michigan Apple Committee recently announced that consumers will have access to a new variety that was developed in the Midwest and grown in Michigan.

The EverCrisp is a late-season apple and a cross between Honeycrisp and Fuji. Reportedly, it stores well and is long-lasting, with the ability to last for weeks without refrigeration.

“This rosy-colored, crisp apple is a fairly new variety grown across the Midwest, including right here in Michigan,” said Diane Smith, executive director of the Michigan Apple Committee. 

“Many Michigan growers have invested in EverCrisp tree plantings that have now come into bearing. The variety can be found at many retailers and grocery chains across Michigan and throughout the United States. It’s a great apple similar to Honeycrisp but most widely available after the New Year when it comes out of storage with great flavor and a crisp, juicy crunch.”

The EverCrisp was originally developed in 1998 as part of the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA), an apple breeding project in which growers of all sizes were invited to participate in developing new varieties.  

MAIA was co-founded by Mitch Lynd of Lynd Fruit Farms in Pataksala, Ohio, who hoped to develop flavorful apple varieties despite the region’s unpredictable winter and spring weather patterns.

 The Evercrisp or MAIA-1 variety, as it’s also called, came from a cross made in spring 1998 when Lynd collected apple blossoms from a Fuji tree, removed the pollen, and used it to pollinate Honeycrisp tree flower.

“Of course, like many other varieties, we believe the best-tasting EverCrisp® are grown in Michigan,” said Smith. “This variety was developed to thrive in Midwest climates and Michigan has the ideal climate and geography for growing apples. Once consumers taste this variety, we know they will come back for more!”