Forever Fresh: Longtime commitment and responsiveness

Forever Fresh: Longtime commitment and responsiveness on the daily business as the key to success

Forever Fresh: Longtime commitment and responsiveness on the daily business as the key to success

By Forever Fresh

With seven years in the market, Forever Fresh has been opening and growing commercial relations with important partners in all the US, covering year-round with different commodities that the owner companies (Verfrut, Garces, and Provex) produce on their farms in Peru and Chile.

Victor Arriagada, Managing Director of Forever Fresh, explains that today 85% of its volume is sold in retailers with national coverage in the United States.

What is the key to working with Forever fresh? Arriagada explained that two elements stand out from the competition.

"The integration of our company and operation (from the field to the delivery to our customers) has allowed us to have a consistent supply, with reliable quality and economic competitiveness.

Also, the direct and daily communication with the source and customers allows us to offer expertise and responsiveness to any customer's demand or necessity.

To do this, we invested in our commercial and operational team, and we are building stronger relations with our logistic partners".

Besides, being attentive to the trends in the consumers, such as more extensive involvement in knowing where the product is grown, who is producing it, social and environmental responsibility.

"These trends imply major and deep changes for the agriculture, and we are working with our growers and customers in all of them. These will take time, but we want to do it right".

Finally, diversify our customer base and increase our market share was a must".

Because of all these factors, Forever Fresh growth has been outstanding: 37% volume-wise and 43% on sales in the last two seasons.

Forever Fresh

Forever Fresh forecast for the coming years is aggressive; Today, the company has access to 21 million cartons from our farms and operations plus strategic partners. Evan Myers, Managing Director, said, "But because we want to do it at an organic growth rate, we plan to go from the 3 million cartons imported and commercialized this season to 4.2 million in two more years".

This increase is due to a rise in production and hectares in Peru, from where they mainly receive grapes and blueberries and in categories where they see significant potential, such as cherries and citrus from Chile.

Being one of the biggest cherry importers in the US, they have opted for differentiated products in varieties, sizes, and packaging that give FF access to a more significant number of customers.

"Even though that the Chilean industry is designed for Asia, it has been seen in recent years that a premium product can have a competitive performance in the North American market, in which we have been growing and expanding our market share every year," Myers noted.

This was achieved by complementing productive partners in southern Chile and Argentina.

Finally, Nola Quinn, Senior Sales representative, remarked: "We have a new commodity available in the United States, blueberries from Peru, for sale from August to the end of December."

"Blueberries are a product that complements our operation in Peru today. We have 249 hectares of blueberries in Peru, and by the end of 2022, we will have 399 hectares. We believe in the berry category, which has had sustained growth in recent years.

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