Sumo Citrus kicks off with expanded distribution and new bags

Sumo Citrus kicks off with expanded distribution and new bags

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Sumo Citrus kicks off with expanded distribution and new bags

This week officially kicks off the Sumo Citrus season, as the popular fruit bursts into even more produce aisles around the U.S.

Added distribution into new Target locations and all Meijer stores continue to launch the fruit into the mainstream, the company said.

The mandarin brand has also introduced new 2lb and 3lb bags to deliver the fruit in a more convenient sharing format for families, sporting events, and workplace snacking. The season lasts from January through April.

"Once someone tries Sumo Citrus for the first time it's easy to see the reason for such a loyal following," said Ron Steele, Vice President of Sales for Sumo Citrus.

"Our goal for this season is to increase opportunities for first-timers with more store locations and the new bags so more consumers will get the chance to experience the highly regarded taste of Sumo Citrus."

The company says the fruit is cared for and harvested by select California growers whose expertise and attention has helped make the fruit a seasonal favorite, celebrated for its enormous size and incredibly sweet taste.

The fruit is hard to miss in stores due to its bumpy, easy-to-peel skin and unique top knot. Underneath its exterior is an oversized mandarin delight unmatched in sweetness and texture.

The resulting experience is seedless, no-mess, and makes for a simply perfect, healthy snack. Just one Sumo Citrus has you covered with 163% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C along with 3g of dietary fiber. With health at top of mind this winter, Sumo Citrus is one of the most delicious ways to boost your immune system.

"Last season proved that consumers are prioritizing their health and increasingly they're turning to fresh, tasty fruits as a way to improve their diets and help boost their immune systems," said Scott Owens, General Manager for Sumo Citrus.

"This season we're excited to bring Sumo Citrus into these new store locations so more people can start the year off right with some of the biggest, sweetest citrus available".

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