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QIMA takes quality control to Mumbai, India

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QIMA takes quality control to Mumbai, India


QIMA Produce is proud to bring quality control and safety for consumers worldwide all the way to Mumbai, India.

Manage, analyze and improve the quality of your supply chain from a single platform. Use our global network of qualified experts to inspect your products throughout the entire process.

QIMA's team of professionals produces, innovates and streamlines its processes by offering market transparency and unprecedented control over the entire food supply chain.

Our company's purpose is to add to the quality and competitiveness of businesses, which is why we have arrived in Mumbai, India.

In Mumbai, you can now:

  • Globally secure your supply chain thanks to QIMA Produce's qualified inspectors in 85 countries.
  • Be provided technical support from experts specialized in your industry.
  • Have access to QIMA's experience which is accepted by more than 14,000 brands, retailers and importers.

On the other hand, thanks to the intelligent quality platform of QIMA Produce you will also be able to:

  • Collect your most relevant quality data.
  • Manage and create consistent protocols and standards that you need all online.
  • Obtain different types of personalized analysis, which will allow you to improve your providers' performance.

QIMA Produce also helps you improve your supplier management

Optimizing supplier performance is a key driver for today's supply chains in Mumbai. QIMA Produce can help you generate inspection schedules for importers.

Additionally, the company has professional inspectors and supervisors in various areas in order to comply with all quality and safety standards in the market.

QIMA Produce offers you the ability to book on-site product inspections and online lab tests, call an inspector to come to your factory within 48 hours as well as receive the report the same day.

Finally, QIMA Produce offers online solutions for your comfort and peace of mind.

You will be able to conveniently manage all services from your online account and the QIMA Produce application:

  • Book all orders you need in just minutes.
  • Review information or supplier reports.
  • Assess your KPI control panel for quality and suppliers; receive up-to-date information for your industry and its fluctuations.
  • Manage your documents for quality online.

With all this and more, you can meet the highest quality control standards from QIMA Produce and utilize its professional experience in the import and export market.

Visit QIMA Produce and find the company's contact information at https://www.qima-produce.com/fresh-produce.

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