Canadian tech firm reimagining nutrient delivery

Canadian tech firm reimagining nutrient delivery

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Canadian tech firm reimagining nutrient delivery

British Columbia-based company Lucent Bio has recently announced patent approval for its biodegradable nutrient delivery technology, Soileos.

The approach seeks to reimagine crop nutrition through more sustainable practices, while also helping boost productivity.

An official brochure for the product describes Soileos as a “soil-applied, smart crop nutrition delivery system” that “enhances yields, crop resilience and soil health”.

"This patented technology redefines the concept of sustainable farming, by providing a fertilizer solution that is more efficient, environmentally responsible, and providing a better ROI for the farmer,” said Peter Gross, Chief Technical Officer at Lucent Bio.

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Soileos is made from repurposed cellulose derived from crop processing, such as pea or lentil hulls or rice husks. 

This natural fiber promotes nutrient cycling. Microbial decomposition, which occurs naturally, releases nutrients for crop use.

Unlike conventional products, Soileos’s organic substrate improves microbial biomass in the soil and enhances soil organic carbon levels. 

According to Lucent Bio, this natural nutrient delivery mechanism results in healthy agricultural systems where farmers have higher crop yields with improved nutrient density, and healthier soils.

The patented technology will be harnessed through AGT Soileos in Western Canada, a joint venture between Lucent Bio and AGT Food.

"This partnership is a prime example of how Canadian companies, supported by the Global Innovation Cluster program, are collaborating to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing the agriculture and food sector with the commercialization of new products," said CEO of Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel.

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