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Mexico expects new Asian citrus markets in 2014

An impending South Korea lime deal is one of a raft of new market openings slated by the Mexican government.
January 07 , 2014

U.S. remains in Korean organic market, for now

Newly implemented policy in South Korea almost left the U.S. out of the organic food market.
January 06 , 2014

Spanish avocados approved for U.S. import

Spain has been approved to send avocados to world's largest import market for the fruit.
January 06 , 2014

English soils suffer low pH levels

A survey by Natural England highlights the importance of nutrient planning for soil health.
January 06 , 2014

Univeg acquires Empire World Trade

UNIVEG finalized acquisition of fruit importer Empire World Trade.
January 06 , 2014

Chilean port of San Antonio renews work stoppages

Chile's port of San Antonio renewed strike action on Friday, citing ongoing labor conflict.
January 03 , 2014

Kenyan avocado farmer looks to go organic

To compete internationally, one Kenyan avocado grower is looking at fair trade and organic certification.
January 03 , 2014

Hundreds of Chilean exports exempt from tariffs in Asia

Chile will now enjoy extensive tariff exemptions in Japan and South Korea.
January 03 , 2014

Argentine researchers prey on strawberry pests

With few pesticide options, Argentine researchers are using natural predators against strawberry pests.
January 03 , 2014

High hopes for delayed Honduran melon season

The Honduran melon season came almost three weeks late but trade could reach record value.
January 03 , 2014