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Mini, brown tomatoes challenge consumer perception

Mastronardi Produce's Mini Kumato tomato may look a bit odd at first glance but the company says it's sweet.
June 18 , 2013

Canary Islands: falsified papaya farms could mean prison time

A European Union official is accused of misappropriating over US$1 million on a papaya production project that never took off.
June 18 , 2013

India-Iran fruit trade blossoms despite barriers

U.S.-led sanctions have not prevented a fruitful trade relationship between Iran and India.
June 18 , 2013

Mexican scientists map avocado genome

Scientists in Guanajuato have completed genome mapping for a native Mexican avocado variety.
June 17 , 2013

Developing a food safety culture - 'dude, wash your hands!'

While speaking at PMA Fresh Connections, a U.S. scientist said Australia needed a stronger food safety culture.
June 17 , 2013

Argentina offers support to increase domestic kiwifruit volume

A subsidized credit line in Argentina hopes to increase planted area of kiwifruit and recover the industry.
June 17 , 2013

Canadian cherry exporters ready for Chinese market premiere

Canadian cherry exporters are already preparing to sell their fruit in China, while access for another key fruit is also in the works.
June 17 , 2013

Poland: Blueamber upbeat over blueberry prospects

Polish blueberry grower Blueamber is looking forward to a strong season, despite weather and pest-related challenges to production.
June 15 , 2013

U.S.: Michigan sees growing fruit markets in Brazil, Korea

Michigan is working to build its footprint as a U.S. agricultural product and fruit exporter in Latin America and Asia.
June 14 , 2013

Peru: CEPIBO plans to raise banana yields by 50%

An organic Peruvian banana cooperative has set itself an ambitious productivity goal.
June 14 , 2013