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Chinese market grows for Ecuadorian foods

Ecuadorian mangoes and pineapples could find a greater place in the Chinese market.
August 27 , 2013

Sierra Leone looks to become West Africa's ethical option

With a new marketing board, Sierra Leone hopes to set its agricultural exports apart in Europe and the U.S.
August 27 , 2013

U.S. tests experimental foam to take on avocado tree pest

ARS scientists are testing an alternative to insecticide spraying for treating ambrosia beetles in avocado trees.
August 27 , 2013

Strong Polish cherry demand continues, says co-op

Rajpol's Dominik Wozniak discusses a year of rising demand for Polish cherries abroad and at home.
August 27 , 2013

Hortifrut and Vitalberry finalize merger

The Hortifrut and Vitalberry merger means staff changes and a shift in company control.
August 26 , 2013

U.S.: California brewery puts avocado on tap

Angel City Brewery's Avocado Ale is a light, creamy brew made with 150 lbs. of Fuerte Avocado.
August 26 , 2013

Bing cherries lead social media mentions

Mentions for Bing cherries outpaced the Rainier variety on Twitter and Facebook.
August 26 , 2013

Australians support greater restrictions on foreign ownership of ag land

Surveys have shown Australian voters have a "marked" support for restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land.
August 26 , 2013

Aussie grape growers gear up for Asian export season

Australia's grape export season is still several months away but registrations and protocol training are just around the corner.
August 26 , 2013

NZ: Overseas Investment Office in court over T&G clearout

A group of NZ kiwifruit growers is contesting BayWa's takeover of Turners & Growers in the High Court of Wellington.
August 23 , 2013