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China will likely make switch to seedless grapes, says Allamand

A Chilean grape industry leader believes China will follow South Korea's lead towards seedless grape varieties.
March 25 , 2013

Zespri found guilty of smuggling by Chinese court

Zespri and one of its employees have been found guilty in China of violating customs laws.
March 22 , 2013

Discussing life "after the fruit" with filmmaker Nancy Ghertner

Filmmaker Nancy Ghertner talks about her film "After I Pick the Fruit" and the reality of U.S. migrant life.
March 22 , 2013

U.S. considers fruits from Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand

After two years of consideration, Colombian watermelons may soon enter the U.S. market.
March 22 , 2013

Brazil nears eradication of major fruit pest

Brazil is close to overcoming one of its most damaging pests, the codling moth.
March 22 , 2013

Mexico: Citrus growers rush to sell for fear of drought damage

Drought in Mexico's Tamaulipas state is forcing producers to rush and sell citrus before it goes bad.
March 22 , 2013

Cherry-plum hybrid ready for marketing in E.U., Turkey

Developers hope the Nadia cherry-plum hybrid will lead a new generation of fruit.
March 22 , 2013

Eastern appeal strong for Mexican mango sector

Mexico mango producers have their eye on the Asian market, but the sector must first make improvements.
March 21 , 2013

Grape packing nears an end in South Africa

To date, South Africa table grape exports are slightly down but compare well to previous years.
March 21 , 2013

E.U. and U.K. come to ag policy agreement

The U.K. will now have the right to dictate its environmental farming policy under an agreement with the E.U.
March 21 , 2013