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Modest growth for Southern Hemisphere apples and pears

Chile will take the top spot for Southern Hemisphere apple production but will experience the greatest production drop.
February 13 , 2013

Organic Peruvian grapes hit U.S. shores

Purity Organic has strong expectations for its first ever quality arrivals of organic Peruvian table grapes in the U.S.
February 13 , 2013

South Africa hopes for better EU rules on citrus black spot

South Africa has its work cut out to overcome tightening European Union rules on citrus black spot disease.
February 13 , 2013

Viramontes leaves AMHPAC with fresh vision for Mexican produce

AMHPAC's Eric Viramontes is moving on to new projects to keep Mexican agriculture competitive.
February 13 , 2013

Better sales, slow production growth projected for U.S. horticulture

Fruits and nuts will dominate U.S. horticulture sales over the decade, although production growth will prove difficult.
February 12 , 2013

Indian government approves aid for mango growers

India will give almost US$1.5 million to mango producers that experienced extensive production losses.
February 12 , 2013

Kenyan exporters "offended" by European bean inspection delays

Kenya's Stephen Mbithi has dealt harsh words to the European Union for untimely bean inspections for pesticide residues.
February 12 , 2013

Peru anticipates Chinese opening for avocados, lucuma, quinoa

Peru expects three new agricultural products to gain access in China very soon.
February 12 , 2013

Uruguay: Upefruy outlines U.S. citrus plans

U.S. market access will hopefully help Uruguay overcome its tariff "handicap" in the European Union.
February 12 , 2013

U.K. professor warns agriculture against extreme weather

Farming will need to become more diverse to fight the effects of extreme weather.
February 11 , 2013