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NZ: Seeka annual report reflects hardship of Psa

Psa infections for Zespri Gold kiwifruit created a tough year for New Zealand's Seeka.
February 21 , 2013

Opinion: asking the right questions about protected produce labels

Eric Viramontes is critical of limited labeling definitions surrounding protected horticultural products.
February 21 , 2013

Fresh fruit export growth drives Peruvian agricultural trade surplus

Peru's produce exports forged ahead in 2012 for grapes, asparagus, mandarins and bananas.
February 21 , 2013

Strawberry licensee fights illegal plant duplication in Egypt

Ekland Marketing is working to enforce legal strawberry licensing in Egypt to protect authorized growers.
February 21 , 2013

Market Pulse Week 7 - 2013

Chilean grapes moved in on the market as Peruvian supplies decreased in week 7.
February 20 , 2013

Fresh Del Monte CEO looks back on 2012 challenges

Fresh Del Monte's Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh praised the company's success under tough conditions last year.
February 20 , 2013

Brazil terminates U.S. dispute over orange juice rates

Brazil is celebrating "victory" in an orange juice trade dispute with the United States.
February 20 , 2013

HortNZ defends produce against Aussie mislabeling claims

Horticulture New Zealand calls out AUSVEG on accusations about sub-standard, Chinese produce.
February 20 , 2013

Brazil aims to export niche banana variety

Ivanete Pereira says a new Brazilian export banana will provide something new but won't compete with Cavendish.
February 20 , 2013

U.S.: Del Monte income jumps 54.8% for 2012

Logistics improvements have raised Del Monte's profitability despite lower net sales.
February 19 , 2013