Market Pulse Week 13 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 13 — 2012 (Mar. 30)


In North America, the U.S. market continued to be supplied by local Galas with low interest for Chilean Royal Galas.

In Latin America, Mexican sales activity is expected to decline leading up to Easter. Small-sized Galas have continued to register better prices in Colombia.

In Europe, the off shore Gala season has started to establish itself as the domestic season nears its end.

In the Middle East, the last lots of Gala from the Mediterranean were being allocated before sales of Southern Hemisphere supply.

In Asia, high volumes of U.S. Galas were being traded.


In North America, Mexican and local supply has reached high market interest due to adequate ripeness for trading.

In Latin America, the market remained stable in Chile and Argentina.

In Europe, Spainish Hass has reached fast inventory rotation in the U.K. due to optimal fruit quality.


In North America, Florida's supply increased in the U.S. market and the last lots of Chilean fruit have shown adequate sales activity.

In Europe, the Chilean season has closed with only scare arrivals and low sales.


In North America, price adjustments of Williams have been registered before trade of Packham's Triumphs starts.

In Latin America, the Brazilian and Colombian markets have continued to be stable.

In Europe, northern countries have continued progression on Packham's Triumph sales while the market for Italian Abate Fetel has continued to be complicated.


In Europe, Indian and Israeli fruit has mostly supplied the market as Southern Hemisphere’s supply continued to be limited. Trading remained unchanged from last week, reporting an adequate movement.


In Latin America, nectarine price adjustments were registered in Mexico due to weak fruit condition. In Colombia nectarine prices increased due to adequate consumption and the fruit's good condition.

In Europe, nectarine prices rose in the Netherlands as a result of low availability.

In Asia, Chilean supply dominated the market and showed active trading.

Table Grapes

In North America, scarce volumes continued in the U.S. which allowed active trading.

In Latin America, fair trading was reported but in Mexico the market showed a drop in sales pace.

In the Middle East, South Africa remained the main supplier.

In Asia, Red Globe reported active sales in Hong Kong and mainland China.


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