Market Pulse Week 14 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 14 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 14 — 2012 (Apr. 5)


In North America, the U.S. market remained stable with Mexican and Californian supply dominating the market.

In Latin America, Chilean Hass registered a slight domestic price increase, due to lower volumes supplying Santiago's wholesale markets. The market remained stable in Chile and Argentina.

In Europe, slightly lower trading occurred due to the Easter celebrations.


In North America, Chilean blueberry supply to the the U.S. was slow with reports of condition problems which made allocation difficult against Floridian supply.


In North America, the first Chilean sales were registered in the U.S. and showed active trading.

In Latin America, market activity decreased in Colombia due to the Easter celebrations.

In Europe, no major changes occured with the market still supplied by Italian kiwifruit.


In North America, the first Chilean lots arrived, however, supply was insufficient to establish a market trend.

In Europe, the first Chilean supplies also arrived but in insufficient quantities to report on market trends.


In North America, good plum sales activity was reported in the U.S., while the Brazilian market is under pressure due to high availability.

In Latin America, plum sales activity slowed down in Mexico.

In Europe, the market remained unchanged.

Table Grapes

In North America, there were scarce volumes which led to active trading.

In Latin America, the market dropped in sales pace in Mexico but fair trading was reported in the rest of Latin America.

In Asia, Red Globe sales were moving without any problems.

In the Middle East, South Africa remained the main supplier without any problems.

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