Market Pulse Week 26 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 26 – 2013 (June 28)

Applesapples and pears ffp

In North America, the local Royal Gala season finished in the U.S. The Chilean supply had moderate sales of this variety.

In Europe, there were stable prices for the overseas supply. In the U.K., there was a firm sales market but price adjustments for the Cripps Pink and Pink Lady varieties. In Russia, sales were slow due to increased competition for red varieties. Granny Smith showed greater agility.

In Asia, there was low supply in the Chinese markets.

In Latin America, there was a low presence of large-sized fruit reported in Colombia. The Chilean supply was mainly Royal Galas and Granny Smiths.


In North America, supply from the Southern Hemisphere finished in the U.S.

In Europe, Chilean Red Globes continued to be offered in markets. They experienced slow sales and falling prices. In the U.K., the Chilean season had ended. In Russia, the market was tough for Red Globes, with the sales price falling below costs and the fruit experiencing condition problems.

In Asia, the market was active despite frequent condition problems.

In Latin America, the market was slow and underwent price adjustments in Colombia. Brazil remained stable.


In North America, the Chilean supply in the U.S. registered price adjustments.

In Europe, there was low supply and prices moved upward. In the U.K., there was good sales activity for the limited volumes. In Russia, price adjustments were reported.

In Asia, Chilean kiwifruit arrived with some problems and got low market prices.

In Latin America, price adjustments were recorded in Colombia, while prices remained stable in Brazil.


In North America, the local D’Anju season finished in the U.S. The imported supply maintained stable prices.

In Europe, Forelle had a slow market and low supply. In the U.K., price increases were reported for Packham’s pears from South Africa. The season was in its final stage. In Russia, slow sales and price adjustments for the Argentinean supply were reported.

In Asia, there were no pear sales in Chinese markets.

In Latin America, minor price adjustments were recorded in Colombia.

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