Market Pulse Week 27 - 2013 -

Market Pulse Week 27 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 27 – 2013 (July 5)


In North America, great movement continued for local fruit in the U.S. Chile dominated the market for imported fruit with moderate movement and stable prices.apples-en-bins_ffp

In Europe, the market remained stable and attractive. In the U.K., there were low volumes of Chilean Royal Gala and good sales activity for all varieties. In Russia,  there was a slow market due to low-priced apples from Poland.

In Asia, there was lower volume from Chile in the market, which meant better prices for Royal Gala.

In Latin America, Colombia had an active market despite high volume of low caliber fruit.


In North America, supply from the Southern Hemisphere had finished in the U.S.

In Europe and the U.K., the season was also over for the Southern Hemiphere supply. In Russia, the market was down for the last lots of Red Globe.

In Asia, the market for imported fruit was stable and supplied only by Chile and Australia.

In Latin America, markets had slow activity and were expected to end soon.


In North America, the U.S. market had stable prices for Chilean kiwifruit. There was very low supply from New Zealand.

In Europe, the market has low supply and strong prices. In the U.K., there was an agile market and stable prices. In Russia, the market had good activity without further price adjustments.

In Asia, intermittent arrivals did not allow for a regular market.

In Latin America, Colombia was stable. Brazil was sensitive to higher volume.


In North America, the U.S.  had an active market for imported pears. There were price adjustments for the Argentine supply.

In Europe, there were slow sales for Forelle and a low offer for green varieties. In the U.K., there was a strong market for Packham’s from South Africa, which was expected to end soon. In Russia, sales continue to be slow.

In Asia, there were no sales of European pear varieties in the Chinese markets.

In Latin America, there was a slow market in Colombia.

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