Market Pulse week 38 -- 2010

International market situation: avocados, oranges and table grapes (week 38 — 2010)

Table grapes

In the United States, Flames are having problems with conditions that pushed down prices, the same effect that a big supply of Red Globe had. Autumn Royal posted an increase in its prices.

In Mexico, Red Globe remained moderate and the local supply had better inventory rotation than the imports.


In Asia, there are stable prices and active inventory rotation, both in Japan and Hong Kong/China. Australian Navels are finished in Japan, giving room for other varieties starting this week. Sales prospects are good for Chilean oranges due to limited availability.

In the United States, imported Navels started showing some condition problems. Market movement was moderate on both Coasts and prices remained stable, except for the Australian supply, which suffered a drop.

In Europe and Russia, Southern Hemisphere Valencias had stable prices and sales. Late Chilean Navels show limited supply in the principal European markets and active sales.


In Europe and the United Kingdom, the season for Hass from Peru and South Africa is finished. The first sales of Chilean Hass began, but with limited supply.

In the United States, on the East Coast, the Chilean supply shows a range of prices rising higher than Mexico’s, on average U.S. $3 per carton, generating less movement than its competition. On the West Coast, there is a change in prices with the end of the sales push and better movement.

Source: iQonsulting