Market Pulse Week 39 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 39 - 2012 (Sep. 28)


In North America, Chile entered the U.S. market while a moderate pace was reported for Mexican fruit.

In Latin America, paused sales were seen in Chile after the Independence Day holiday.

In Europe, positive demand was registered for Southern Hemisphere supply in Spain. In the U.K., some quality problems were observed with Peruvian avocados while a good reception was seen for Chilean volumes.


In North America, low volumes of domestic fruit in the U.S. allowed for an adequate transition of the first arrivals from Argentina with good sales.

In Europe, sufficient sales were reported for Argentine supply given the high volumes of Northern Hemisphere fruit in the U.K.

Easy peelers

In North America, Peruvian Minneolas were coming to the end of their season in the U.S.

In Europe, a high availability of Peruvian Minneolas put the U.K. market under pressure, while the last lots of Argentine easy peelers had positive sales in Russia.


In Europe, an adequate sales pace was seen for lemons except for some Argentine supply with condition problems in the Netherlands and Russia.

In Asia, Japan's season came to a close and Chilean sales improved slightly.


In North America, the Chilean season was in its final stages in the U.S.

In Europe, trading improved in Russia.

In Asia, a better sales pace was registered for large fruit in Japan.

Table Grapes

In North America, the U.S. market was supplied by domestic volumes but slow color development for red seedless varieties led to a lower supply and rising prices.

In Europe, slower sales were seen for Italian and Spanish Thompson S grapes in the U.K., while Red Globes from these two suppliers were in low volumes in the Netherlands with a quick sales rate.

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