Market Pulse week 42 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 42 -- 2010

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 42


In Europe and the United Kingdom, the Hass avocado market continued to see a reduction in Chilean shipments, which allowed a relative stability in prices.

In South America, Argentina did not show price variations in the supply of imported Hass. Chile maintains a moderate pattern in its exports.

In the United States, the local supply surpassed projects for the season that has finished. A big volume of fruit from the new season is coming in, which has improved the quality and condition of the supply.

In Mexico, the supply continued with growing volumes and prices that were higher returned to showing an adjustment during this week.


In the United States, there was a considerable increase in the arrivals of blueberries from Argentina in week 41, however, the volume was still insufficient to meet current demand.

In Canada, market conditions remain stable, and the supply remains limited, although with a trend toward rising.


In Europe, the Southern Hemisphere season is coming to a close, and no change in market trends are forecast for the next few days.

In Asia, the supply from South Africa is lower, resulting in a slight rise in prices in China, while in Japan, it is practically finished. In Japan, the local mandarin season signals the end of the season for the Southern Hemisphere.

In the United States, good movement of inventory has been seen, both for imported oranges and the local product with less supply available in the market. The local orange season is expected to start at the beginning of November, and an increase in production for the 2010-11 season is forecast, with 8 million tons.

Table grapes

In the United States, the first lots of Festivals arrived from Brazil, but they will be available in the market in the beginning of November.

In Mexico, local Red Globes with condition problems saw price adjustments, while those in better condition had slight increases in price.

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