Market Pulse Week 42 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 42 — 2011 (Oct. 21)


In North America, there was improved sales activity in large-sized imports.

In Northern Europe, Peruvian Hass avocadoes suffered from occasional internal browning problems in both France and the U.K.


In North America, Argentine suppliers registered price adjustments.

In Northern Europe, offshore volumes continued with a good sales pace and showed price increases on the continent.

In Asia, Argentine blueberries were dominant in Hong Kong and mainland China, while Chile was the main supplier to the Japanese market. In both cases, limited availability was reported.


In North America, the market situation was expected to remain stable over the next few weeks.

In Northern Europe, supply has been mostly with small sizes.

In Asia, domestic mandarin sales have continued to put pressure on the trading of imported orange supply to the Japanese market.

Table Grapes

In North America, the U.S. market has been supplied by domestic fruit, although the Brazilian Festival variety has been occasionally sold on the East Coast.

In Northern Europe, trading offshore volumes have been affected by high prices. However, inventory rotation has been fair since arrived volumes have been low.

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