Market Pulse week 43 -- 2010

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 43


In South America, a national holiday in Argentina generated variable sales activity. The local market in Chile continues to be active, with relative price stability in major outlets.

In Europe, a low supply of Chilean Hass avocado continues, with stable prices. The Spanish avocado season started with the first Bacon variety.


In Europe, the local season for blueberries was approaching its end just as the Southern Hemisphere started during week 41 with the first arrivals by air from Argentina and Uruguay.

In the United States, there was a price adjustment for the 4.4-ounce size after an increase in the supply available in the market. In Canada, arrivals from the Southern Hemisphere surpassed considerably the volumes seem on the same date in 2009.


In the United States, the first arrivals of Chilean cherries were seen last week, although volumes are very limited. There is anticipation among importers about the prices the first lots could get.

Table grapes

In the United States, Festivals from Brazil will be marketed next week even with limited volumes. Red Globe shows condition problems.

In Mexico, the local Red Globe season is next to finish.

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