Market Pulse Week 43 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 43 — 2011 (Oct. 28 )


In North America, retail promotions stimulated sales rates for imported Hass avocadoes in the U.S.

In Europe, supply was dominated by Chilean  avocadoes, with the last lots of Peruvian Hass expected to be placed in the coming weeks.


In North America, significant price adjustments were registered for Southern Hemisphere blueberries in the U.S., however the new price range was still higher than it was during the same period last season.

In Europe, sales rates continued at an appropriate level to achieve good placement of fruit.

In Asia, Southern Hemisphere supply remained limited.


In the U.K. and the European continent, it was still possible to find scarce lots of Spanish and Italian plums in circulation. It was expected that the first arrivals of South  African nectarines and peaches would arrive during the following week.

Table Grapes

In North America, sales were still focused on local varieties in the U.S. Brazilian Festival grapes showed price adjustments and slow sales movement, but this is not a situation that has concerned importers in a big way.

In Europe, foreign seedless white grapes started to have a higher participation in the market, expecting more retail space at the start of November.

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