Market Pulse Week 45 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 45— 2011 (Nov. 11)


In North America, the Hass avocado market has continued to be stable.

In Europe, Hass and green varieties have shown some price adjustments.


In North America, inventories have become less pressured in the last week on the U.S. east coast. There have been new price adjustments, although slightly less than in previous days.

In Europe, prices have dropped due to the economic crisis and more cautious consumers.


In North America, cherries have experienced good market activity.

In Europe and Asia, occasional sales of Chilean cherries have been reported.


In North America, trading remains focused on domestic fruit but Brazilian Festival grapes have taken up more market space.

Europe has experienced moderate trading but sufficient to have reached fair inventory rotation.


In Europe and the U.K. sales and supply of South African peaches have been reported.