Market Pulse week 47 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 47 -- 2010

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 47, 2010


In North America, the first apricots arrive by air to the United States, two weeks earlier than last season, while the first ocean shipments are expected to arrive in week 48, three weeks earlier than last year.


In Europe, low sales activity and price adjustments were registered in Chilean and Spanish Hass avocados this week.

In Latin America, Argentina continues showing price stability at the wholesale level, while some importers complain about the low availability of Chilean avocados for export.

In North America, the lower sales pace pushes prices down in the United States, while in Mexico, the market continues to be stable.


On the European Continent, Southern Hemisphere blueberries register price adjustments, while stable sales have been reported in the United Kingdom this week.

In North America, supermarket promotions push sales of 6-ounce packages in the United States; in Canada, higher volumes push prices down.


In North America, prices continue a downward trend. Particularly, a high price fluctuation was registered in Canada, due to the weak condition of some lots, while there was a good sales pace early this week in the United States.

In Latin America, the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere cherry season has already seen the first Chilean and Argentine air arrivals into Brazil and Colombia, the main markets of the region. In general, good consumer acceptance, high prices and fast distribution have been reported.

Table grapes

In North America, the first volumes of Chilean fruit are expected to arrive to the United States during the third week of December.

In Mexico, the higher supply and a steady sales pace caused price adjustments for all varieties.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, the Brazilian table grape season is about to finish, while the first South African Prime Seedless volumes are expected to arrive this week.

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