Market Pulse Week 47 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 47 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 47 – 2012 (Nov. 23)


In North America, U.S. sales were influenced by Thanksgiving with price increases in the days before the holiday.

In Europe, the Chilean supply had adequate sales. The last batches from Mexico were being sold in the U.K. with a low level of activity. The Spanish offer still had a low market share, with volumes moving up, mainly with green skin varieties.


In the U.S., sales were good until Wednesday morning and stable prices were maintained throughout the week.

In Europe, the market remained largely supplied by air shipments from Argentina and Uruguay, complemented by appropriate sales and stable prices. From Chile, the first batches were expected within the coming week.

In Asia, good activity was reported for the Chilean offer, with quality helping sales.


In North America, high prices continued in the U.S., despite market interruption from the Thanksgiving holiday.

In Europe, the market still had not been established due to low arrivals from the Southern Hemisphere. Better volumes were expected for the first half of December.

In Asia, the market picked up in China due to lower prices that favored sales.


In North America, U.S. sales were cut off before the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 22, but prices were not affected.

In Europe, the market continued with low supply, which helped maintain a high price level in both the mainland and the U.K. In Russia, Red Globes from Peru faced a difficult market due to competition from Italy.

In Asia, active sales were seen for the U.S. offer, which dominated the market.

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