Market Pulse week 48 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 48— 2011 (Dec. 2)


In North America, an adequate sales pace resumed in the U.S. following the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

In Europe, moderate sales activity was registered for Chilean Hass avocadoes on the continent.

In Latin America, the Argentine market remained stable.


In North America, blueberry sales activity continued to be moderate in the U.S., as is usual during the week after a holiday. Trading began for new packaging formats, although in limited volumes.

In Europe, a favorable market situation continued for Southern Hemisphere blueberries with stable prices.

In Asia, a healthy sales pace continued.


In North America,  the U.S. market returned to an adequate level of sales activity for cherries.

In Latin America, a healthy sales pace was registered in Brazil and Colombia.

In Northern Europe, weather discouraged cherry consumption during the week.

In Asia, markets remained sensitive to fruit quality.


In North America, a favorable market situation for Southern Hemisphere white seedless grapes continued in the U.S. The first sales of Peruvian Red Globes were registered, showing good activity.

In Latin America, good sales pace continued for domestic fruit in Brazil, while stable sales activity was recorded for Peruvian Red Globes in Colombia.

In Europe, Peruvian white seedless grape trading began with reports of scarce availability.


In North America, the first Chilean apricots were traded in the U.S.

In Northern Europe, markets witnessed continued limited volumes and sales of stonefruit. Moderate trading was registered in the U.K.

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