Market Pulse week 49 - 2011 -

Market Pulse week 49 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 49— 2011 (Dec. 9)


In North America, Chilean Hass supply has continued to be limited.

In Latin America, stable market activity has continued in Argentina.

In Europe, the market has continued to be pressurized due to high availability of Israeli green varieties.


In North America, trading has gone well in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Chilean supply has increased, although Argentine volumes have continued to dominate.

In Europe, trading has been affected by the year end holidays.

In Asia, there has been moderate market activity in Hong Kong and mainland China, however, stocks have not accumulated. In Japan, domestic fruit competition has affected sales pace.


In North America, there have been price adjustments on the East Coast, while levels have remained stable on the West Coast.

In Latin America, rainfall has discouraged consumption in Colombia and Brazil.

In Northern Europe, stable market activity has continued.

In Asia, preference for Santina and Royal Dawn has affected prices.


In North America, markets have been favored by the year end holidays. The Brazilian Festival season is nearing its end in the U.S., while Peruvian Flame and Crimson Seedless volumes have started to increase.

In Latin America, imported fruit has maintained a good distribution both in Brazil and Colombia

In Europe, the Namibian season will end soon just as the market has started registering better activity.


In North America, Chilean apricot supply has been mostly in small sizes.

In Northern Europe, stable market activity has continued. Fair sales pace was recorded during this week in the U.K.


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