Market Pulse Week 5 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 5 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 5— 2012 (Feb.  3)


In North America, market activity stabilized following last weekend's Super Bowl event.

In Latin America, market prices for smaller avocadoes were maintained nationally with the closing of the Chilean harvest.

In continental Europe, France dominated the market for smaller sized avocadoes.


In North America, market activity has remained favorable with prices rising on both coasts.

In Europe, the cold climate and economic crisis has created a more complicated situation which has affected sales.


In North America, sales have switched from supermarkets to wholesale markets.

In Latin America, Brazil has tightened prices with no expectation of improvements.

In Europe,  continued detection of fruit in poor condition has affected prices.

In Asia, the market has recovered slightly following the Chinese New Year.

Table Grapes

In North America, the Peruvian season is coming to an end leaving only Red Globe varieties available.

In Latin America, the first arrivals of significant Chilean Red Globe varities were recorded in Colombia.

In Europe, low temperatures have discouraged consumption in the northern hemisphere.

In Asia, the fruit market in general was noticeable slower in Hong Kong and mainland China, although sale rates for imported grapes was good.


In North America, the market remained stable while in Mexico there were price adjustments for plums.

In Latin America, the Brazllian market remained slow while in Colombia activity was in line with sales volumes.

In Europe, the cold weather adversely affected stone fruits sales.

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