Market Pulse week 50 – 2010


In Europe and the UK table promotions have improved slightly the pace of sales. In North America the low supply of US grapes and the active volume of sales has generated a spike in prices, a scenario also taking place in Mexico where this week’s prices have increased over week 49.

In Asia Hong Kong and China observed a reactivation of sales, which combined with a limited offer and pushed prices upward of good fruit showing quality and condition. South East Asia also represented an important destination for Peruvian Red Globe.


In the UK and Europe the supply is predominated by sea arrivals and the rate of sales has remained relatively low. In North America the volume of sea shipped Chilean blues that are to arrive this week to the United States practically double that of last week. In Canada the increased rhythm of sales generated an increase in prices.

In Asia the main markets also reported an agile pace of sales, but importers are worried about the variable condition of the fruit presented by some shipments, a situation aggravated by delays in sea faring and air shipments.


In Latin America, Argentina saw a drop in prices this week and has suffered some distribution problems. Chile on the other hand saw a price increase for the second week running. In Europe and the UK the market for Hass continues without many changes, with an increasing offer of shipments coming from Spain and Israel while Chilean product stocks are starting to decrease as the season draws to a close. In North America a price increase was seen in the United States, complimented by an increased sales pace. Mexico saw only small price changes and has kept above levels seen last year.


In North America a increase in the sales rhythm has been noted in both the United States and Canada, as the lead up to Christmas generates more sales. In Latin America, Brazil and Colombia have seen sales slightly slower than the previous week.  In the case of Europe and the UK the cherry market has been pressured from high volumes arriving from Chile. However an increase in the pace of sales over the last weekend is expected. In Asia there is some uncertainty between on how the export and market for Chile’s cherries will develop.  Hong Kong and China have seen flexible prices while Taiwan maintains.


In North America the increased offer has pressured the market and generated prices adjustments in the US. In Mexico the sales requests of Chilean paused momentarily

Peaches and Nectarines

In Europe and the UK a low level of consumption has been observed as a result of low temperatures. In North America the high volume of the peach and nectarine offer in the US has generated a price adjustment. In Mexico sanitary inspections delayed the entry of several sea shipments of peaches, while the first boat with nectarines arrived just last weekend. In Latin America the heavy rains in Colombia have complicated the movement and distribution of the fruit while in Brazil the market is stable and sales are at normal levels.


In Europe and the UK the plum market has shown a relatively stable sales flow, with South African plums feeling a light price adjustment. Chile has shown a limited offer in both markets, with an increase in volumes expected starting in January. In North America the first air shipments on the East Coast have the United States have arrived while the first sea shipments will start arriving in the middle of this week. Mexico, for its part, expects the first boat during week 51.

Source: iQonsulting/