Market Pulse week 51 -- 2010

Table Grape

In North America, good sales activity was seen in the USA and Canada during the first days of this week, due to the higher consumption caused by Christmas, while in Mexico, movement started to increase during the middle of the week.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, low trading and price adjustments for table grapes were registered during the weekend before Christmas, as a result of the intense cold wave and high amounts of snowfall. In the main markets of Asia, the last lots of Californian grapes are still being sold. Southern Hemisphere's supply is mainly South African white seedless grapes, destined mostly to Southeast Asian countries.


In Europe and the United Kingdom, higher sales activity is seen in the Hass avocado market. Chilean Hass registers lower supply. In Latin-America, Argentina, as well as the Chilean domestic market, report good trade movement during the days before Christmas celebration. In North America, market remains stable in Mexico and the United States. However, the latter registered slight price adjustments.


In Europe, Southern Hemisphere sales are stable, while in the United Kingdom, price adjustments were registered. A significant increase in Chilean sea volumes is expected to arrive during Week 52. In North America, higher availability leads to price adjustments in the USA. In Canada, market remains stable and shows good sales activity. In Asia, activity is good as well, however, in Japan, fruit condition of mixed arrivals is variable, and looks better for air shipment supply.


In Europe and the United Kingdom, Southern Hemisphere cherry supply decreased, due to the cancellation of numerous flights, as a result of low temperatures and snowfall registered during the weekend before Christmas. In North America, good sales activity was seen the first days of this week in the USA and Canada. In Asia, the Hong Kong/China market reports a good inventory rotation and price adjustments for imported supply, due to high availability. In Latin America, Brazil’s sales movement is active enough to move recent cherry arrivals. In Colombia, heavy rains have caused difficulties in fruit transportation and general distribution.


In North America, the market was stable and prices did not register changes on the US East Coast, while on the West Coast, a significant adjustment was reported. In Mexico, Chilean shipments are returning to normal.

In North America, lower sales activity led to a price adjustment in the USA, both for nectarines and peaches. In Mexico, the market remains active and prices are high. In Northern Europe and the United Kingdom, low consumption levels persist, due to the low temperatures registered over the last weeks. In Latin America, Brazil’s market is stable and sales activity is high enough to move recent arrivals. In Colombia, the situation is complicated due to heavy rains. In Asia, due to market conditions, the start of these markets reports has been postponed until Week 01-2011.

Source: iQonsulting/