Market Pulse week 51 - 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 51— 2011 (Dec. 23)


In North America, inventory rotation improved slightly in the U.S.

In Latin America, the Chilean market was put under pressure by high avocado availability. Moderate sales were reported for Chilean Hass avocadoes in Argentina.

In Northern Europe, market activity remained stable.


In North America, sales activity decreased in the U.S., which was historically unusual during the period.

In Europe, good sales pace was reported on the continent.

In Asia, moderate trading was seen in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Japan.


In North America, lower sales pace was registered in the U.S. during the days before Christmas.

In Latin America, sales pace was conducive to adequate inventory rotation levels.

In Europe, inventory levels were insufficient to meet demand in Northern Europe.

In Asia, importers were preparing for sales activity prior to the Chinese New Year.


In North America,the first Chilean peaches and nectariens were being traded in the U.S.

In Northern Europe, the market siuation remained stable.

In the U.K., moderate sales pace was registered.

Table Grapes

In North America, the U.S. market put under pressure somewhat by white and red seedless varieties, with the latter in the most difficult situation.

In Latin America, the imported grape season began in Brazil while the Colombian market remained receptive to supply.

In Europe, good sales pace continued for imported grapes both on the continent and the U.K.

In Asia, good sales activity was reported for Red Globes.

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