Market Pulse Week 51 - 2013 -

Market Pulse Week 51 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 51 – 2013 (December 20)


In North America, sales activity was moderate in the U.S. with price variations.

In Europe, sales of Chilean Hass avocados were under pressure due to the Spanish offering, especially in small sizes.


In North America, moderate sales were seen in the U.S. during the pre-Christmas week with price adjustments.

In Europe, differing fruit quality was seen in the market with variable prices in turn. Delays in air arrivals from Chile were reported, making sales difficult.

In Asia, price adjustments were reported in Chinese markets.


In North America, the first sales of Chilean grapes were reported with high prices and agile sales.

In Latin America, sales of Peruvian Red Globes in Colombia continued to be affected by the presence of U.S. supply, which had shown better quality.

In Europe, the Brazilian season had ended. Sales in general were moderate. In the U.K., sales were under pressure for sensitive fruit, while the Russian market was more open for Peruvian Red Globes.

In Asia, the market was still dominated by U.S. supply.


In North America, the U.S. market had very low supply and movement.

In Latin America, prices were stable.

In Europe the market was under development due to few arrivals from the Southern Hemisphere.

In Asia, the market saw limited volumes from Australia, with expectations of more imported arrivals from other countries in early January.

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