Market Pulse week 37 – 2010

International market situation: avocados, oranges and table grapes (week 37 — 2010)

Table grapes

In the United States, the local harvest is delayed by about two weeks and its yield tp date is around 282,000 tons, a volume 12% less than during the same period last season. Market movement is moderate and prices are generally similar to those at the same date in 2009.

In Mexico, the market is stable at a higher level than last year. Sales of Red globe are central to the local yield that presents good quality and better prices than those in California, while Thompson imported from the U.S. has a lower prices affecting its price.


In Asia, the imported orange situation has not had major changes this week in the markets of Hong Kong/China and Japan; it maintains agile sales activity, with price stability for the Southern Hemisphere yield.

In Europe, prices are stable for Valencias for the Southern Hemisphere, while Russia is seeing falling prices influeenced by a lower level of movement.

In the Unites States, the market remains moderate. The supply of Navels from South Africa and the East Coast is more limited and an increase in volume of Valencias is expected at the beginning of October. Prices on both coasts were steady during this week.


In Europe, higher prices for Hass from the Southern Hemisphere were reported on the Continent and United Kingdom. Improters are waiting for the first shipments of Chilean Hass.

In the United States, movement in the market remains moderate. The California supply continues with a slight decline, as Mexico and chile slowly start increasing their shipments. Both coasts show slight variation in prices, especially for the medium and smaller sizes.

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Sept. 21, 2010 -- Fresh Fruit Portal