Harvest Trends week 11 -- 2011

Harvest situation in the Southern Hemisphere, week 11, 2011


Expectations for South African exports decreased, mainly due to temperatures that weren't cold enough, which affected fruit development. It is estimated exports will decrease from the 320,000 metric tons (MT) recorded in 2010 to 278,000MT this year.

In Chile there was a slight advancement in the progression of crops in the south of the country, due to the phenomenon of accumulated degree days. The season was almost finished for Gala variety apples with sizes within normal ranges, while late-growing Fuji, Braeburn and Pink Lady apples began their harvest which will continue until mid-April.

A strong domestic Brazilian market remained attractive for local growers, while exports progressed slowly. It is estimated that shipments from Brazil will fall by 46% in 2011.

Until Mar. 21 it is estimated apple exports from the Southern Hemisphere were around 1,709,000MT, which is approximately 3% more than what was recorded last season. Chile likely will have contributed 869,000MT to this figure, followed by New Zealand (300,000MT), South Africa (278,000MT), Argentina (211,000MT) and Brazil (50,000MT).

Source: iQonsulting/www.freshfruitportal.com