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Harvest Trends week 35 -- 2011

Harvest situation in the Southern Hemisphere, week 35, 2011

Peru and South Africa are close to finishing their avocado export seasons as Chile's campaign gets into full swing, according to market researcher iQonsulting.

Peru had shipped 95% of its export volumes by week 36 (Sep. 9), representing a 27% increase on the same period in 2010. The final stage of production is now taking place in the zones of Trujillo and Lima, with a forecasted 32% year-on year total volume rise to 75,000 metric tons (MT).

South Africa is expected to finish its export harvest in week 38 (Sep. 23) with the final avocadoes for the season due to arrive in Europe during week 41 (Oct. 14). If weather conditions remain stable, South Africa's campaign is estimated to finish with volumes that are 42% lower at 27,500MT.

By week 35 (Sep. 2), Chile's Hass avocado harvest has advanced 12% to 14,700MT, which represents a year-on-year rise of 64%.

In general the industry has observed a higher proportion of smaller size fruit, leading to more use of growth regulators.

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