November 22, 2015 / Week N° 47

New labels connect U.S. shoppers to grower orchards by video

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April 13th, 2012

U.S. Consumers will be able to watch videos on their cell phones to see how different  apples varieties were grown, thanks to a new databar label technology adopted by fruit marketer Chelan Fresh.

The new technology ‘Greenscans’ will allow consumers to download a free app to their smartphones, which will allow them to scan the labels of 16 different apples supplied by Chelan from Washington State.

Chelan Fresh marketing vice president Mac Riggan, described the grower videos as offering consumers a real connection to products.

“We recognized that this technology is a growing trend and we could use it as part of our marketing campaign to engage with consumers and have them connect to our social media sites.”

Information on the smartphone screen includes a direct link to the company or social media sites, including Facebook, offering recipes and product details, such as advice on how to cut and prepare fruit.

Chelan Fresh said with the growth of smartphones, shoppers were increasingly relying on apps to make their decisions by looking at customer ratings or product and price details.

Retailers can download collateral to place at point of sale (POS), on their website and in print form when the product is on promotion.

Greenscans chief executive officer Paul Engelman said he was pleased to partner with Chelan Fresh to launch the technology.

“Our corporate mission is to efficiently track our global perishable food supply chain, validate its authenticity, and be the informational and social conduit to safely and privately share mutually beneficial content and experiences with consumers.”

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