Pink Lady apples: Sales rise 32% -

Pink Lady apples: Sales rise 32%

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Pink Lady apples: Sales rise 32%

Despite a period of slower spending by consumers, the return on Pink Lady apples in Europe was positive during a year in which there was a rise in sales volume.

According to a Pink Lady Europe media release, during the 2009-10 season, sales of the variety recorded a rise of about 32 percent compared with the season before, with 107,500 tons sold.

Among the reasons for the rise, producers emphasize the quality of the apple, its versatility, and promotional campaigns during the season. The report also highlighted that 25 percent more retailers worked with the brand in their promotional operations during the season.

“Once more, the Pink Lady apple has shown that a product of high quality has its place on the shelves, that consumers are more loyal and that a rising number of people are realizing its unique promise. This is truly satisfying news for the 2,800 producers who are invested in its success,” the statement said.

Pink Lady Europe also emphasized the return in Germany, France and England, countries that account for 51 percent of the rise in sales.

Germany, the No. 1 destination for the variety, reported a rise of 29 percent compared with the year before, while France and England, the second- and third-biggest markets, respectively, rose 17 percent.

The rest of Europe also reported important rises in sales. In Italy, sales grew 27 percent; in Denmark, 21 percent; Belgium, 33 percent; Norway, 54 percent; and Spain, 60 percent. Ireland recorded the biggest increase in volume, with a rise of 130 percent.

With respect to exports outside Europe, Russia continues to be the lead country in the area with a 36 percent rise in sales volume. However, other markets also have undergone a significant rise, such as Israel (24 percent), Eastern Europe (15 percent), United Arab Emirates (6 percent) and Singapore (4 percent).

Photograph: Pink Lady Europe

Source: Fresh Fruit Portal

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