Market Pulse week 39 -- 2010: avocados, blueberries, oranges, table grapes

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Market Pulse week 39 -- 2010: avocados, blueberries, oranges, table grapes

International market situation: avocados, blueberries, oranges and table grapes (week 39 -- 2010)


In Europe, a low supply of Hass avocados from the Southern Hemisphere continued, with active sales in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, while in Spain, the level of turnover has not been what exporters expected.

In the United States, the low volume of organic avocado on offer generated an increase in prices. On the East Coast, the supply from Mexico posted a rise in prices, reaching values similar to the Chilean supply.

In Canada, there has been good turnover in inventory.


In the United States, the small supply of blueberries, the result of condition problems with the fruit, has generated a favorable scenario for the start of the season in the Southern Hemisphere. Both Argentina and Chile have sent their first shipments via air in weeks 36 and 37, respectively, but they are very limited  by the market influence.

In Canada, the season in British Columbia has finished as the first shipments from Argentina arrive this week.


In Asia, market conditions remain favorable for the Southern Hemisphere supply, both in Hong Kong/China and Japan. Smaller supplies arriving from South Africa in these two markets are a sign that only a few weeks remain in this season.

In the United States, the demand leans toward small sizes, generating a big movement toward those sizes, while the big sizes showed slower movement. The supply of Navels from Australia and Chile is more limited, while the South Africa Valencia shows an upward trend.

In Europe and Russia, there is a lot of movement in sales of Southern Hemisphere oranges, and several markets show a slight rise in price.

Table grapes

In the United States, red grapes have shown a lot of movement over the whites. Prices for Scarlet R. and Autumn R. rose.

In Mexico, the market remained moderate, and local Red Globes showed better movement than the imports.

In Canada,  the market showed moderate movement.

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