Chilean growers receive 16% of final sale, group says

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Chilean growers receive 16% of final sale, group says

The president of a Chilean fruit growers group told at a conference that growers receive 16% of the final sale price and that profits are lower than 10%, according to Chilean business website Estrategia.

Fedefruta President Antonio Walker told Fruittrade this week in Santiago that profits for growers are no more than 10% profits and that production costs are high.

Antonio Walker, president of Fedefruta

Walker described the fruit sale process from field to market, saying that the grower receives 16% of that sale price and then has to pay a long chain of service providers, the website said.

Walker added that 65% of production expenses are labor, which costs more than $26 per worker per day.

“The time has come to rethink Chilean policy on the exchange rate, like other countries have done,” he was quoted as saying.  He finished by saying that Chile has one of the highest energy costs in the world.


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