Market Pulse week 40 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 40 -- 2010

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Market Pulse week 40 -- 2010

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere week 40 -- 2010


In the United States, both businesses and consumers are showing a lower acceptance of local fruit with condition problems and a major preference for imports despite the high price.

In Canada, the arrivals from Argentina continue to be limited and the market remains active with the limited availability.


In Europe and Russia, the market for oranges remains stable and the importers are preparing to receive the last shipments from the Southern Hemisphere.

In Asia, the supply of imported oranges saw a rise in prices at the wholesale level in Hong Kong/China. Japan reported no changes, maintaining stability in prices and sales.

In the United States, the supply of Californian Valencias was scarce because the season is about to finish. The Navel season should begin in November. On the other hand, the arrivals of Navels imported from the Southern Hemisphere are much smaller and many importers are selling what is left in inventory.

Table grapes

In the United States, prices for grapes have remained stable despite an increase in supply in the last few weeks.

The first shipments of Festivals have arrived from Brazil, although they have been limited by market influence.

In Mexico, major movement in inventories of seedless white grapes have been observed mainly for the low prices they have posted.

Source: iQonsulting

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