Peruvian watermelon exports up nearly 250% in 2010 -

Peruvian watermelon exports up nearly 250% in 2010

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Peruvian watermelon exports up nearly 250% in 2010

Exports of Peruvian watermelons skyrocketed by 247.6% percent in the first eight months of 2010, according to the country’s customs statistics, website reported.

The Netherlands was the main destination for the fruit, taking in 75.3% of shipments, followed by Ecuador with 13.2%, the United Kingdom, 5.7%, Chile, 3.9% and Spain, 1.9%

The big increase was due to investments that have been made in the search for better varieties, Manuel Antonio Vences, general manager of CorpFrut Perú SAC, told the website. He said his company, the second-biggest exporter in Perú, exports three types of watermelon: one with seeds and two without seeds.

He added that the biggest competitor is Brazil. Nevertheless, according to Vences, the watermelon fields in Brazil are located far from ports and are exposed to a lot of rain, the website said.

According to the website, Vences said that from August to January, his company predicts exports of 2,200 metric tons. And he is seeking new markets, among them Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and Canada.

From January to August, Rancho Bravo SAC had 72.4% of watermelon sales for US $707.4 million. CorpFrut had 21.5%, for US $210 million, the website said.

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