New Amira raspberry variety on the market -

New Amira raspberry variety on the market

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New Amira raspberry variety on the market

A new variety of raspberry has hit the market and  has attracted interest in several countries because of its ability to last longer in storage.

Currently, Chilean company Viverosur has the rights to the berry. General Manager Alejandro Navarro said that importers and exporters in the U.S., Chile and Mexico are interested in commercializing the berry in a closed management scheme.

The Amira raspberry can last three or four days longer in storage than other types without losing its juice. In post-harvest tests in a modified atmosphere, the berries’ good condition lasted two or three weeks, with only a slight change in color.

Berry Plant, a company based in Italy, began cross-breeding Polka and Tulameen berries in 2000. After two generations of cross-breeding, it had the Amira variety.

According to Navarro, the Amira raspberry is easier to pick at harvest time and can be picked with both hands. Its first harvest is ready about a week before the Tulameen and its second harvest is ready three to four weeks before late varieties such as Heritage, Sugana and Erika.

For the Southern Hemisphere, that would mean that Amira could be harvested in January and February, when prices are highest for raspberries.


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