Argentina: Fruit workers, growers at odds -

Argentina: Fruit workers, growers at odds

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Argentina: Fruit workers, growers at odds

Production of about 740 acres (300 hectares) of raspberries, strawberries and cherries is in danger in western Argentina after workers took over an irrigation system over a salary dispute, local news website RocaDigital reported.

Workers cut the water flow from the source of the Arroyito Confluencia, near Neuquén, in west central Argentina, several days ago, but October 13 there was no contact between the workers and the Territorial Development Ministry, the website said.

The head of the Chamber of Producers of Fine Fruit, Abel Rodríguez, is quoted as saying that “we are seeing losses in production because without being able to the water the plants, they become dehydrated, and that affects the formation of future fruit.” He said 100 hectares of strawberries and raspberries and 200 hectares of cherries are at stake.

The head of the workers group, Leticia Guarini, said that the conflict heightened when a ministry official failed to recognize wage increases that had been agreed upon in earlier negotiation, according to RocaDigital.

Meanwhile, there was no agreement between growers and a workers union after talks mediated by the Labor Ministry, RocaDigital reported.

The Chamber of Fruit Producers and workers are at odds over salary. With no settlement, the workers said they may strike, the website said.


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