New Zealand kiwi vine disease confirmed -

New Zealand kiwi vine disease confirmed

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New Zealand kiwi vine disease confirmed

New Zealand's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry confirmed that a kiwi bacterial disease has been found in an orchard in the Bay of Plenty, according to local website

Tests of several vines confirmed the presence of Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae (PSA), the site said. The vines were discovered Nov. 5.

Stock exchange trading for Seeka Kiwifruit Industries and Satara Co-operative Growers was halted Nov. 8 because it is though that one of their orchards is the one affected.

According to the website, Lain Jager, CEO of kiwi exporter Zespri, said that it is too early to tell how widespread the problem may be.

Kiwis represent 2.5% of New Zealand’s exports, according to the Wall Street Journal. Zespri sold $1.5 billion worth from March 2009 to March 2010.

PSA has particularly affected New Zealand-linked kiwi orchards in Italy growing Zespri’s gold kiwifruit, causing millions of euros in losses.

PSA causes spotting on leaves, discoloration of buds and bark and can eventually kill the plant, according to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.


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