Second New Zealand kiwi orchard quarantined due to PSA -

Second New Zealand kiwi orchard quarantined due to PSA

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Second New Zealand kiwi orchard quarantined due to PSA

A second kiwi orchard in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty has been placed on quarantine after more evidence of the kiwi disease known as PSA was found, local media reported.

The orchard is located across the road from the case confirmed yesterday. According to reports there are “dozens” of other orchards under investigation after the confirmation on Nov. 8. PSA, or Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae,  affects the growth of kiwi and has caused widespread damage to Italy's industry since it surfaced there in 1992.

New Zealand's biosecurity agency warned the public and members of the media to stay clear of kiwi orchards to limit the possibility of contaminating other plants.

“While we are still gathering information on the situation, it is vital that biosecurity precautions are met and that anyone other than officials involved remains out of the area to avoid any unnecessary risk of spreading the infection,” the agency said in a statement.

Kiwi growers and exporters have scrambled to stay ahead of further contamination. Reports suggest that exporter and marketer Zespri is also considering a “remove & destroy” measure to further isolate the strain.

While the disease has been confirmed as PSA, the exact strain has not. Some strains are more virulent than others.

This outbreak of PSA has affected the gold kiwi variety, the most profitable for the industry.


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