Australia's almond crops drowning in Victoria -

Australia's almond crops drowning in Victoria

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Australia's almond crops drowning in Victoria

Australia’s almond industry could be under serious threat with thousands crops under water in the state of Victoria, according to media group ABC.

The story reported that 75% of Australia’s almonds grow in the Victorian region of Sunraysia, which has been inundated with torrential rain.

Grower Darren Minter told the ABC that almond trees can only survive for a week in sodden soil and that period of time is almost finished.

“What we've been trying to dig ditches and everything just to get that surface water off, get our drainage pits clear as quick as we possibly can, even to sacrifice other almonds trees, to make sure the bulk of the almond crop, the old trees, stay alive,” he was quoted as saying.

The story also reported that  rains came at the peak of the region’s melon harvest, with most of the crop ruined and wet conditions making it too difficult to plant next year's crop.


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