Argentina approves stranded shipments -

Argentina approves stranded shipments

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Argentina approves stranded shipments

Argentina's Agricultural Minister Julián Domínguez has authorized shipments that were blocked following the dissolution of the country's National Agricultural Trade Control Office (ONCCA), reported

ONCCA had been criticized by farmers and opposition politicans for its regulation of exports and subsidies, along with several corruption cases, but the elimination of the regulator meant many export orders were left without authorization.

Agricultural Minister Julián Domínguez says it's not his responsibility to compensate farmers

A replacement regulator is yet to be created, but the government has announced the entity's functions will be diluted under the ministries of Economy, Agriculture and Industry; a situation that has caused uncertainty for many exporters, the story reported.

"The Ministry of Agriculture can be in charge of its own issues. The administration of ROE (export permits) is not a function of agriculture, as it is more linked to trade," Dominguez was quoted as saying.

"Why should the (Ministry of) Agriculture have to pay compensation? We understand that the Ministry of Economy should take more action."



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