Peruvian company upbeat on asparagus exports

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Peruvian company upbeat on asparagus exports

Peruvian fruit company Camposol has announced its asparagus exports will likely grow 11% in 2011, with plans for a crop rotation to avocadoes by 2013, reported

Camposol commercial manager Gustavo Guerrero told Agraria the move to plant Hass avocadoes was due to the natural production cycle of asparagus and its harvest rotation requirements.

“In 2008, the company turned 100 hectares of asparagus - which included part of our older plantations – to plant Hass avocadoes and those same actions will be taken in the next three years when our other areas need it,” he was quoted as saying.

“After 10 years microorganisms like Fusarium culmorum are left in the ground, which only affects this plant (asparagus) and is mitigated by planting a different product for a period of five or six years.

Guerrero highlighted a 20-year study in Spain that found a way to plant asparagus on top of existing plantations, with less need for rotations.

“In Peru we are doing particular studies in this respect, and we estimate that in five years we could have positive results to do the same as the Iberian country,” he was quoted as saying.


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